Peg’s Posts: Friend races ‘round the world with Forerunner 310XT


Phuket Tri-5Phuket Tri-2Here are a few excerpts from Dave’s review of the 310XT: “Our thanks go
out to Garmin for providing us with a new Forerunner 310XT to use
during the Laguna Phuket Triathlon. The 310XT is quickly making its way
around the globe as a multisport powerhouse and it was our pleasure to
take it along for the ride (and swim and run) during our trip to

As an athlete who’s competed in everything from Ironman distance to sprint tris to adventure races, Dave can appreciate the finer details of the 310XT’s design, particularly the longer battery life. Another excerpt from his review: “Like the 305, the 310XT is designed for multisport athletes, particularly runners, cyclists, and triathletes. For the most part runners have always been happy with the 305 and now with the 310XT, two of the main concerns from triathletes have been addressed. That is, the addition of a waterproof housing and a battery that far exceeds its predecessor in terms of battery life. In fact, technical data provided by Garmin suggests that the battery life of the 310XT is as much as 20 hours on a single charge. That news alone should make all those Ironman/ultra-distance athletes out there happy; in my last Ironman race I used a waterproof watch for the swim and separate 305s for the bike and run legs, respectively. With the 310XT I would have been able to go from swim to bike to run to the post-race party back at the hotel bar on a single charge. How’s that for convenient?”

Phuket Tri-3 This photo shows how Dave decorated his bike case for the trip. His final advice: “If you’re like me and have an aging Forerunner 105, 205, or 305 that’s been your workhorse but is held together with super glue and duct tape, give the 310XT some thought – you won’t be disappointed. Thanks to the folks at Garmin for giving us the opportunity to take one for a test run halfway around the world and kudos on an improved Forerunner that’s sure to be a hit with the multisport crowd!”

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