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Runners and cyclists are, by nature, meticulous when it comes to knowing their speed or pace stats. Now Garmin’s newer automotive products, like the affordable nüvi 205 and 255, have a feature that caters to the speed junkies on the streets. Well — it at least makes it easier to keep your speed in check. The speed limit indicator is simply a friendly little reminder on nüvi’s map page that displays the posted speed limit for the highway or interstate you’re traveling. Handy for those times when you hop on a road and there’s no speed limit sign in sight. The first time I took the nüvi 205 for a spin, I was impressed that it even knew the speeds on some local streets. It’s one of those features that you miss even more when you don’t have it. Today, I had to settle for an older Garmin model since my husband took the slim trim little nüvi on a business trip. Routing to a lunch meeting, I found myself searching the map screen not once, but twice, for that little speed indicator. Kudos to our engineers for making all the improvements — big and small — that make Garmin the global leader in satellite navigation.

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