Motivate Yourself To Move: Teri Griege’s Advice For Finding Inspiration


Teri Griege, Founder and CEO of Powered By Hope Foundation, is a triathlete, World Champion Ironman competitor, and Garmin Fitness ambassador. In 2009, she was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer, but that hasn’t stopped her from training, competing and accomplishing her goals and beating yesterday.

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Finding motivation is something everyone has struggled with. Between making time in a busy day to fit in a workout to getting yourself in the right mindset to sweat, some days we just don’t feel like exercising. We asked Teri Griege, Founder and CEO of Powered By Hope Foundation, Ironman World Championship competitor, and cancer warrior how she finds her motivation to train when she isn’t feeling up to it. Her first piece of advice is to listen to your body. “If I’m just not feeling up to it, then usually it’s for a good reason,” said Greige. “I used to push through, but now I try to be a little easier on myself.

Griege noted that having goals or motivators are very important to keep yourself on track with a training regimen. “I had a goal to complete a marathon – and I did. Then I wanted to qualify for the Boston Marathon – and I did. I had a dream to complete all six major marathons – and I did. And, then I set a goal to complete an Ironman – and I did. And, perhaps my biggest dream was to complete the Ironman World Championship – and I did,” said Griege. And when she finishes a race, she feels incredibly proud. “There’s no greater feeling than crossing a finish line.”

Griege encourages everyone to stick with it through keeping workouts simple and easy. Her motto is “Convenience is consistency.” If you make your fitness regime easier to prepare for, such as having a home gym/equipment or packing a gym bag ahead of time, it is easier to complete your workout for the day.

So next time you’re second guessing a workout, listen to your body and make sure it has had time to rest from your previous workout, think about your goals you want to accomplish and visualize how good it will feel to reach those goals. Finally, remember to keep it simple and convenient for your lifestyle. You will be happy and proud after those endorphins kick in!

Read more of Teri’s story here or learn about what it means to Beat Yesterday.

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