Meet the Running Machine at Garmin


Jeremiah Estes

We all have that friend. The one who is waking up at the crack of dawn to run and always uploading his data in Garmin Connect. At Garmin, this friend is Jeremiah Estes, Technical Design Engineer for Fitness, who peaks at more than 100 miles a week while he’s training for marathons.  He does not leave home without two or three devices strapped to his wrist. We sat down with Jeremiah (Yes, he does sit occasionally) to chat about his passion for running.

What has given you the drive to stay consistent with your running? First and foremost, I truly love running and feel like I have been given the natural ability to run and run well. There are definitely days when it’s cold and rainy and dark and my legs feel trashed that I have a difficult time getting out the door, but for the most part I always enjoy it.

What’s the greatest joy you’ve gotten out of running? The greatest joy I have ever experienced from running was at the finish of the Chicago Marathon last year. I trained really hard for months to prepare for it and got my weekly run mileage up to 116 miles on top of biking and swimming. There were definitely some tough weeks where I didn’t sleep much and just tried to keep one foot in front of the other. But thankfully my training went well and I made it to the starting line healthy and I was able to set a huge marathon PR. I finished with a time of 2:46:17 and had a seven minute PR.

How has the Garmin community helped you become a better runner? Being able to track other athletes’ progress through Garmin Connect and conversations at Garmin has been priceless.  It allows you to see what others are doing and how they are doing it and how it works out for them. You can either avoid the same mistakes or repeat the same successes.

How much has training for marathons improved your overall health the last few years? Before I started exercising regularly I was still a pretty skinny guy even though I had a terrible diet. I may have looked healthy but I was not. I didn’t sleep well, was frequently very tired, and was already starting to see my health deteriorate even in my late 20s. I wouldn’t say I’m never tired now that I am exercising, but in general I feel like I have a lot more energy now.

Finally, what are your goals for the long term with running? I feel like I’m best suited for marathon running so I plan to continue focusing on marathons as my primary race.  I don’t have any future time goals for a marathon other than trying to improve upon my PR. I finally qualified to run in my first Boston marathon this year so I’m very excited to experience that. I want to find out firsthand what makes it such a sought-after event.

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