Mark Rose leans on LakeVü HD Ultra mapping to find key spots at Guntersville


Garmin pro Mark Rose wrapped up his seventh Tennessee River victory last week during the FLW Tour event at Lake Guntersville. We caught up with Mark after his win to get the inside scoop on how he pulled it off and how he used his electronics to find the winning limits.

Garmin: Lake Guntersville is one of our MaxDef lakes and has extremely detailed and accurate contours. How reliant were you on your mapping to find the places you believed you needed to be fishing?

Mark Rose: Garmin’s LakeVü HD Ultra was a big key for me this week at Guntersville. It really helped me find these transition areas that I was fishing. Once I got my channel swing pattern dialed in, I would check every little arm of that creek and the LakeVü HD Ultra mapping would show me exactly where the channel swing would come up in there. It surprised me how far back the contour lines covered in the little pockets. I could go all over the lake on my map and find more key spots that looked similar. I honestly couldn’t have done this with anything other than Garmin LakeVü HD Ultra mapping.

It was so flat back there that most maps just would have showed a flat, but having those subtle contours and transition areas meant everything. My two or three biggest fish each day came off these transition areas in the backs of these creeks.

It wasn’t a typical Tennessee River winter pattern. Usually the fish are a bit deeper, but there were still enough big fish shallow, I feel like I had most of those to myself. In the creek I was in, there weren’t any boats fishing as shallow as I was.

G: What were a few of your key baits that you caught most of your fish on this week?

MR: My key deal was an old flat-sided Strike King Custom Shop crankbait with a really tight wobble, which they don’t make anymore. The first three days I threw a chartreuse/brown pattern, and the last day I used a shad color because the water had cleared up a bit.

Garmin pros Andy Morgan (7th), Cory Johnston (11th), Darrel Robertson (12th), and Jordan Osborne (20th) rounded out the top 20.

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