Labor Day Activities On A Budget



The mornings are getting a cooler and the heat is slowly dying down. This means the summer months are coming to an end and fall is on its way. With Labor Day ahead of us, this means it’s possibly our final chance to get the last few drops of summer out of one more weekend. Labor Day weekend can be pricey at times, so our hope is that after reading this we will have sparked some simple ideas for anyone looking to have fun on a budget.

Camping and Geocaching


Grab the kids, pack your gear, and load up the truck. Camping is one of the cheapest outdoor activities you can do and it’s just down right fun. There’s nothing like setting up camp, building a fire, cooking out, and sleeping outside. It’s a simple pastime that will never fail. One thing you can always do while camping is search for geocaches. With an eTrex 30x you can start your geocaching adventure by downloading geocaches straight to your unit. It even has a built-in 3-axis tilt-compensated electronic compass, which shows your heading, a barometric altimeter which tracks changes in pressure to pinpoint your precise altitude, and you even can use it to keep an eye on changing weather conditions.

Mountain Biking


Another cheap endeavor you can do for Labor Day weekend is get your bike out for a nice ride on some dirt trails. Not only is this a great way to have fun, it’s an even better activity to obtain your fitness goals for the day. Plus, riding bikes is another one of those outdoor hobbies that can always be enhanced with the help of Garmin products. If you plan to hit the trails, don’t forget to pack your Edge so you can track your metrics from your ride and bring along your VIRB XE so you can capture and playback all the excitement.  



Last but not least is hiking, which is by far the cheapest thing you could probably do for the weekend. Pick a sweet spot, grab a pair of boots or beat up shoes, a backpack, food and water, and get moving. Hiking is something that anyone can do. If you are worried about getting lost while out and about, Garmin has products for that too. With the Epix GPS mapping watch on your wrist, you can navigate your hiking journey with self-assurance and collect dynamic data to assist you along the way.

Labor Day weekend is all about enjoying the outdoors and we hope that this has inspired you to get outside and have some fun for your holiday weekend. Don’t forget to share your Labor Day adventures with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and use hashtag #HaveNoLimits. 





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