Jake’s Journal: When in doubt, let it ride


Seaotterride_005Seaotterride_003All muscles are not created equal. That’s the only way that I can explain my showing this morning at Bicycling Magazine’s group ride. Well, that and the disclaimer that I’m a recreational runner who enjoys trying new things. Like cross-country skiing. And geocaching. And road biking on the hills of coastal California with some of the industry’s best cyclists. Fortunately, I forfeited any inhibitions – and pride – long ago.

Seaotterride_001_2Even with the sweet ride I borrowed – a SuperSix from Cannondale (thanks for the loaner, Bill) – my legs weren’t what I would have expected. Ask any triathlete or duathlete, and they’ll tell you that you use completely different parts of your legs for cycling and running. And that’s the logic I’m sticking to after dragging my deadweight up a neverending hill along the 17-mile Drive. And that’s another thing, notice the capital "D" on Drive? Somehow our tour of 17-mile Drive resulted in a 30-mile ride. It’s equations like that that push kids away from math. All in all, though, it was a wonderful outing. Peg and I had a blast hanging out with – and keeping up with – the group. The Edge 705 charted our progress perfectly, and my Forerunner 405 was the perfect training partner. And a huge thanks goes out to Steve (pictured above) from Bicycling for sticking with a longtime runner and helping him find his way on wheels. Now where was Steve when I tried skiing?

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