Jake’s Journal: Interbike begins with Team Garmin and a fun, flat ride


Interbike 006

Zap from Road Bike Action was near the back of the pack with us when Will confirmed that I was indeed riding on a flat. With the rest of the group well ahead of us, the three of us sized up our options. We had a spare tube, and a CO2 cartridge, but they didn't quite do the trick. So Will offered to stay behind with my bike while Zap and I rode in. Knowing that Will, who had that remarkable stage 3 breakaway last summer in France, could cover those last few miles in half the time that I could, I told him I'd start walking if they sent someone back for me. So they were off, and I was walking. Uphill. In the desert. With a bike on my shoulder. At this point, I started counting my blessings. 1) I have a job where a mishap just means I'm out for a walk on a gorgeous day. 2) I had two of CamelBak's insulated bottles that they had brought us for the ride. 3) After doing runs of 13 and 14 miles Thursday and Saturday, these final few miles seemed easy. 4) Felt makes very, very, very light bikes. 5) I had comfortable walking shoes.

Before long, thanks to the kindness of colleagues in the cycling industry, I was back at the Felt Demo Days booth sharing a laugh about the whole thing. And that's where I'll be this afternoon, with Dave, Christian and Will signing autographs for fans. They'll also be joining me in the Garmin booth 2630 Wednesday from 2-3 p.m. So stop by, say Hi, check out the Edge 500 and meet the guys. And wear comfortable shoes.

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