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Watching hog dogs work is not only fun to watch for us as humans, but something that brings great enjoyment to the dog. Catch dogs are often the most stubborn to train and the speedy bay dogs can easily start chasing a hog somewhere you don’t want them to be. Garmin offers solutions for both tracking and training. Let’s go over a few situations that you might find yourself in while hunting with and training hog dogs so you can decide which Garmin tracking and training products are right for you. 


  • With Astro and Alpha, you no longer have to worry about searching for your lost dogs. Have the ability to track up to 10 dogs at one time, at a range of up to 9 miles with the T 5/TT 15 or 4 miles with the T 5/TT 15 mini. This can quickly pay off by saving yourself from buying way more fuel than you had planned
  • Cut your dogs off before they get into a trespassing situation or approach a major road. With both Astro and Alpha, you will have the ability to track their every movement and cut them off via vehicle, but the Alpha adds the ability to stop them via safe and effective momentary or continuous stimulation, audible tone, or vibration command.
  • Looking to buy a new hog dog? Use your Astro/TT 5 or Alpha/ TT15 on your potentially new dog to make sure it performs as well as the person you’re buying it from says it does.


  • Garmin e-collars make it much easier to develop a good pack. Correct a young dog (or up to 9) if it starts chasing unwanted game with the PRO Trashbreaker, which does not have tracking capabilities, but can reach out to 4 miles.
  • Alpha gives you the best of both worlds, as you the ability to reach out from a longer distance to correct your dog, but also see its location from your device.


Don’t forget to document the action and excitement of your hunt using Garmin VIRB action cameras.

Alpha100_SS_901  Alpha100_SS_909  Astro320_SS_101

Rid yourself of the headaches of lost dogs and the potential dangers that exist in running your hog dogs long distances and pick up a Garmin tracking/training system. You won’t be disappointed, as the information provided to you from your device is sure to make your hunt more enjoyable. 

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