Helpful Swing Tips for Becoming a Better Golfer


Casual golfers and professionals alike are always trying to develop that perfect swing. The Approach S6 is the first golf watch to feature Swing Metrics, which can help you improve your stroke and pound drives down the fairway.

SwingTempo measures the relationship between a golfer’s backswing and downswing, and shows it as a ratio. In studies of successful golf swings, an ideal ratio of 3:1 has been established, even with individual variations of speed. TempoTrainer uses the 3:1 ratio and gives golfers audible tones to synchronize their swing mechanics and fine-tune their tempo. The S6 also features SwingStrength, which provides golfers with immediate feedback on their power percentage, to help golfers calculate and remember how hard they hit each club.

The watch gives you guidance with SwingTempo, TempoTraining and SwingStrength features, but being able to objectively measure your swing is invaluable, but how do you ensure your golf stroke is all that it can be? Here are some other tips that will make you more comfortable on the tee box.  


Rotate the shoulders– Shoulders are an important part of a golf swing. Make sure you make a full turn at the top for maximum power. Keep those forearms straight too for best results.  

Let the club do the work– Bringing your club head back with a slow pace makes it much easier to control. After that let your hands and body weight square the club on the downswing. 

Golfer 2

Posture/Alignment– A straight spine is key for golf. Flexibility in your hips and knees will help make your swing much better. Practicing alignment is crucial too. Put a club down and point to the desired target. After that take a few swings. Then remove the club. You will start visualizing the correct path to the target in your mind.

Relaxation- If you strangle the golf club, you won’t play any better. Keeping all your muscles loose throughout the round. Find that comfortable place mentally to ease your nerves.

Swinging a golf club is all about fluidity and rhythm. These tips and the Approach S6 should help you enjoy your golf game more through the summer months.

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