GPSMAP 60CS withstands the Arkansas summer elements


DSC_0001 DSC_0002Many people don’t realize that when we’re developing products we put them through extreme test conditions. We drop ’em, dunk ’em, freeze ’em, and heat ’em, and that’s just a few of the tests engineering puts products through. We’re proud that our devices are rugged and can stand up to the challenges our customers give them — even accidental challenges. Here’s a great testimonial sent to the Garmin inbox from Brice, a satisfied Garmin customer, and his GPSMAP 60CS that survived his accidental challenge, and the slough of an Arkansas summer.

Do I have a story for you. A few years ago my son received a GPSMAP 60CS from his grandparents for a Christmas gift. He is a 20-year-old duck hunter here in central Arkansas. Early one morning while boating through green timber, a limb grabbed the lanyard and sling shot his unit into about 10 ft. of water. He came to my home and told me the story and I told him this summer we would go back to the spot when the slough dries up for the summer and look for it. This August we took my GPSMAP 60CSx and traveled some two miles to the spot where he was hunting. After about 10 minutes of searching the area we found the unit laying on its face. When I turned it over, there was a small amount of water in the unit. I took it home and loosened the screws to let the water drain out. I placed it in the sun outside for a couple of days to help remove the excess water and put it back together. I placed a fresh set of batteries in the unit and to my surprise it came on! I just wanted to share this story with you and let you know what a great GPS you guys make. I’ve attached photos after the unit fired back up. Thanks again for making such a great unit!

Thanks, Brice, for sharing this great story! To learn more about our other rugged, waterproof and all-purpose handheld navigation products, visit the On The Trail section of And if you have a story to tell, send a note to We’d love to hear from you.

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