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Garmin Pilot LogbookAdmit it, it’s happened to all of us. You’re at home rifling through your flight bag, and pull out the logbook only to leave it on the kitchen table. Or the time comes to fill out the annual insurance form or an 8710 and you’re stuck with a piece of paper, calculator and pencil going through each recent entry to determine your hours. It’s been about 3 months since the last time you flew, but aren’t positive if you need to take care of those three takeoffs and landings before taking your friend for a hop around the patch. With Garmin Pilot’s new Logbook feature, you won’t have to worry about the antiquated ways of keeping flight records anymore. 

Let’s dive into the new features:

Never fret about forgetting to record a flight in your logbook or on a piece of paper after every flight. With the latest logbook feature built-in to Garmin Pilot, it’s available with the convenience of your smartphone and tablet! This feature uses GPS data along with pilot configured airspeed and altitude settings to automatically record flights by determining a “wheels up” and “wheels down” time as well as the route. Hobbs/Tach times and flight remarks can also be easily loaded. At the end of each automatic entry, Garmin Pilot will prompt you to accept or decline the flight – for consistently flown aircraft, logbook allows you to load aircraft by providing simple flight information via the “Settings” and “Manage Aircraft Types” buttons. In addition to the automatic entries, you can manually input entries to create an electronic backup for the old paper logbook.

Another feature within Garmin Pilot’s new logbook feature includes a currency flight tracker. This feature provides the last day all currency requirements were met, the day they will expire, and how many days are remaining. Now you won’t have to worry about thumbing through logbook pages to figure out the last time you completed an Instrument Proficiency Check.

Garmin Pilot Currency

The new logbook endorsement feature lets you always carry digital proof of a recently completed flight review or added endorsement. The instructor provides his or her credentials, and signs on the line with a fingertip confirming compliance. It’s as simple as that. 


The new reports feature won’t make you dread getting that letter from your aircraft insurance provider requesting updated logbook information or filling out an 8710 form for a new check ride. Your flight history is segregated by aircraft type/class/category, and then automatically calculated to days/months/years.


Additionally, all information recorded into Garmin Pilot’s Logbook can be synced to the flyGarmin website online database for access anywhere.

Check out our Garmin Pilot: Logbook YouTube video tutorial. For questions, contact us at

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