Garmin goes Geocaching


Dsc00095_2_2Like I’ve said before, it really is all fun and games until someone claims they’re an Eagle Scout. This theory was once again proven a few days ago when various members of the Blog Crew and I, ventured into the vast wilderness of Ernie Miller Nature Center in search of some geocaches. Shouldn’t we be working you may ask? Well yes, in fact, we were. As geocaching is becoming such a popular adventure game for GPS users, it only seemed right that we get our feet wet (and our shoes a little muddy) and see what this adventure game is all about.

Dsc00096_2_3The name of the game sounds deceptively easy. You’re given coordinates (via the Internet) to a “cache,” which is basically like a hidden treasure of some sort, and use a GPS device to stake it out, right? Right… except did I mention that while in search of these caches you might also encounter poison ivy, ticks, big sharp sticks, wild animals, etc. along the way? Yet still up for the challenge, and equipped with various Garmin handheld devices ranging from the GPSMap 60Cx to the Geko 301 to the ultra-popular geocaching gear, the eTrex series, our crew hit the trails. As we eagerly veered off the paths and hiked through forestry up to our waists, our GPS companions never let us down. Lesson learned: The shortest path is rarely the easiest path.

Well, a few deer here and there, a turtle, a few dozen ticks and three successful caches later…and I present you with our geocaching extravaganza experience. We were even lucky enough to capture Mr. Eagle Scout himself at his finest: first contemplating what he had gotten himself into and then preparing anxiously for the “Inchworm” cache. If you think you have what it takes to find a cache, check out for everything you need to know about the hunt. While you’re there, type in your zip code to find the caches nearest you, grab your Garmin and away you go! And don’t forget to visit the Garmin Geocaching Product Guide to ensure you’re set up for cache success.

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