Garmin geared up for Bike MS as growing team, new host site


Bike MS 2011 009-sm Peg crop JAKE: It should probably be noted that I rode the entire day in the big  ring not to prove anything, but because I didn’t want to risk dropping a chain. I’m not the best mechanic. Or meteorologist. Which is why, after enjoying a misty but mostly dry morning, I was all-in for the 109-mile route (vs. the 71-mile option) with Peg and our friend, Ryan. Granted, we were in a bit of limbo, about to split away from the short-route folks with most of our other long-routers ahead of us. And with the cutoff deadline looming after a leisurely lunch and untimely monsoon, we wondered if we’d even reach the junction in time.


   PEG: Just as we were about to wheel out into the wet, we saw another team member, Rocky, who’d been detained at the start due to another untimely event—losing his keys, with bike safely locked in car. After chanting “Rocky” a few times, we heard his story of finally locating his keys, getting his bike and rolling out at the very back of the pack, a full 45 minutes after our team rollout. The mom in me was relieved that all our team members had made it. Now it was time to bear the sogginess and get on with the remaining 57 miles of our journey.

Peg solo Bike MS_0059-sm JAKE: I’ve always been a social cyclist and runner, but the next hour of riding in the rain truly made me appreciate having good friends around as we countered every soaked pedal stroke with a positive about the day – from the calories we were burning and the stories that were unfolding to the money we were raising and the finish-line fun that was waiting. And that’s why were laughing at a rest stop when Josh from our aviation group rolled up to a rest stop after riding solo for 20 miles as the last guy through (or at that point, around) the junction’s barricade. Having Josh join us reminded me of a highlight of last year’s ride: Spending quality time with Garmin colleagues whose paths I normally might not cross but now are among my good friends at work.

Group PEG: By the time we hit the mile 70 rest stop, I started to make some observations that would serve me well for the remaining miles. 1) Always knock, even if the porta-jill door thingy is green. After riding 70+ miles, cyclists either don’t have the dexterity to flip the little lever or they don’t much care.  2) Just like my vehicle’s fuel tank, my fuel tank depletes faster when it’s running on E. Thus, stopping at the next three aid stations was necessary to keep me from turning into the wicked pre-bonking Peg that both Jake and Ryan witnessed on our 20-mile Psycho Wyco trail run last winter. 3) Event volunteers are self-less and they give up a bunch of their leisure time so you can have yours. Thank them every chance you get.

Bike MS 2011 0068-sm Bike MS 2011_0066-sm JAKE: Aside from a brutal headwind, the final 30 miles (with occasional sunshine) made a nice home stretch after two hours of hills that were both steep and rolling at the same time. And the fun continued when we cruised through the finish line in Lawrence, a college town which rolled out the red carpet by closing down a main street and converting their city park into a cycling village with great local food and entertainment. Unfortunately, the rain returned overnight with a vengeance and forced the cancellation of the second day of riding. But during Monday morning recaps back in the office, we heard great stories from all 60 members of TOTG, whether it was a 37-mile outing, 71 or 109, and there’s already talk about next year’s event being even better. And Bike MS has raised more than a million dollars, with time remaining to reach their goal of more than $1.3 million. Click here to help the cause, and thanks to everyone involved for all of their support!!

Peg: See our ride in Garmin Connect … and we’ll see you next year at Bike MS 2012! Register now for just $12!

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