Garmin Garage: Putter


Fore! Here comes Putter rolling down the cart path at a spirited 7 mph! If you haven’t already heard, Garmin recently announced the Approach G5. This touchscreen handheld gives golfers an advantage by showing key course features such as distance to the center of the green and distance to fairways and hazards. So we figured it was time to get to work on a Garmin Garage vehicle that reflects our excitement for the Approach. And, after reviewing the submissions to the Parking Lot, it looks like a lot of golf fans had requested a cart as well. Since we’re all about efficiency, we figured we could knock out two birdies with one stone. (← please forgive the pun) So we got to work. Of course, with this project, we couldn’t confine ourselves to the Garmin Garage. We had to do a little R&D at the nearby course. As it turns out, the Approach can only improve our game. By leaps. And bounds. Which is a nice way of saying that no one in the Garmin Garage will be joining the Pro Tour any time soon. But regardless of our game, Putter is now ready for you to download. Stop by the Garmin Garage and grab Putter today before your next golf outing. It's better that we get Putter out of here sooner instead of later – before Scooter ends up crashing it into our CNC Machine.  And be sure to stop by the Garmin Garage every now and then to check out our newest free vehicle icons for your nüvi or zumo!

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