Ask Garmin: Which GPS is best for trail, car and bike?


Oregon400t-front Nuvi500rf This week’s Ask Garmin question comes from John Schmid, who isn’t alone in wanting one device to do the work of many. “I’m interested in a ‘hybrid Garmin.’ What would your recommendation be for a GPS device that could be clamped on a bike for road touring and yet excellent for hiking with topo maps included.” While many of our outdoor handhelds could do the trick – even our Edge 605 and Edge 705 cycling computers can display optional topo maps – two of our newer devices are ideal for these situations: nüvi 500 and Oregon 400t.

Packed with detailed street and topo maps, the waterproof nüvi 500 is built for versatility. With the screen and interface of an automotive unit paired with the rugged durability of an outdoor handheld, nüvi 500 can navigate you efficiently in your car, on the trails and on the water. And with an optional handlebar mount, you can enjoy the same benefits on two wheels that you do with four.

If your focus is more on off-road adventures, either on foot or by bike, Oregon 400t provides an easy-to-use interface, wireless unit-to-unit transfer and preloaded topo maps for the entire U.S. And with its glove-friendly touchscreen, the waterproof Oregon is built to stand up to the weather. By purchasing a memory card with city mapping, you get the database with millions of preloaded points of interest as well as turn-by-turn directions displayed on the 3″ color screen of the Oregon, which has various mounting options for the car or handlebars.

Thanks, John, for the great question and enjoy the outdoors with the do-it-all Garmin of your choice!

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