Garmin customers giving thanks


We love hearing from thankful customers who had a life-changing or life-saving experience with their Garmin device. Take a minute to read this email we received on August 11 from SSG Kyle Dorsch. We’re pretty certain Kyle’s story ranks as one of the most thank-filled ones we’ve heard yet.

P8090997-sm Platoon-smMy name is SSG Kyle Dorsch. I’m a Reconnaissance team leader in the 2-30 Infantry Battalion, 10th Mountain Division, and I’m currently deployed to the Logar province of Afghanistan. I have used my Garmin eTrex Vista H all throughout my deployment and needless to say, it has been a lifesaver in more than a literal sense. In fact, there isn’t a leader in our establishment without a Garmin product. Not only has my GPS guided me and my four-man team seamlessly through some of the toughest areas of Afghanistan, but it has also literally saved my life. I’m sure you have heard by now that there was a downed Chinook in the Wardak province of Afghanistan, resulting in the largest loss of life during Operation Enduring Freedom. When the helicopter was downed, my scout platoon, along with other 2-30 assists, was called to assist in the security and recovery of the crash site. We provided the back stop for the security teams by occupying a patrol base and beginning a five-day long operation. During one of the many engagements my platoon and I were involved in, I was struck by an incoming bullet.

Garmin-smMy Garmin took the blunt of the impact, deflecting the round and saving my life. My Garmin pouch is located just over the upper left portion of my chest. If my Garmin had not been there, I am certain I wouldn’t be sending you this e-mail now. All in all, I just wanted to say thank you for making such an outstanding, reliable and DURABLE product! I look forward to the purchase of my next Garmin product and for it to take me through the rest of my deployment. Once again, your product is an absolute lifesaver! Thank you again.

Check out these video testimonials from other thankful Garmin customers.

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