Garmin Astro Helps Researchers Study Bobwhite Quail


DSC04303 Garmin, through its Astro GPS Dog Tracking System, has the pleasure of helping to support the Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch in its efforts to help secure the future of the bobwhite quail.

DSC04300 Some 50 years ago, this bird once was prolific throughtout the Deep South, Midwest, and Texas.  But over the years, for reasons not entirely understood, this majestic gamebird has largely disappeared from its historical range.

 West Texas still boasts a healthy population of quail, and that's where you'll find the Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch, a sprawling 4,700-acre living laboratory near Roby, Texas. RPQRR's sole mission is to "sustain Texas' wild quail hunting heritage for this and future generations."

DSC04315 Run by pre-eminent quail biologist Dr. Dale Rollins,  he and fellow researchers are doing myriad studies on quail, including the effects of prickly pear cactus, range fires, and predation, to name a few.

Last weekend, the Ranch used Garmin Astros strapped to an array of volunteer bird dogs for an annual "census," designed to count the populations of birds on the ranch.

DSC04289 The Astros meticulously track the paths that both humans and canines took, so researchers know exactly which parts of the ranch were surveyed.  Once the dogs find the birds, they're flushed into the air and counted.

You can see one such covey rise (along with an amazing lightning strike) in the video below.


We're grateful that Dr. Rollins has found yet another unique use for the Astro.  Here's wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable season afield this fall!

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