Fishing with the Garmin Marine Network, Part Two

Big_king1Friday4_2Bonita For the uninitiated, the excitement of salt water fishing is hard to describe.  There’s no telling what kind of creature might hit your bait, but one thing is for certain — whatever it is, it’ll absolutely HAMMER your lure with the ferocity of a car wreck!
Once we used the GPSMAP 3206 to get us to our fishing spot, we used the bow-mounted Fishfinder 340C to locate that “spot on a spot” that holds fish (and yes, the reason that photo’s horizon is off-center is because the boat was off center!).  Capt. Bruce Shuler, our guide and owner of Get-A-Way Adventures, is a big believer in artificial lures and light tackle.  So we were definitely excited about summoning huge fish on a rod and reel that isn’t much stouter than one you’d use on a bass pond.

Shrimp_boatRecord_book_fishWe fished over submerged rockpiles, next to shrimp boats that were culling the previous night’s harvest, and in the midst of bird flocks that were feeding on baitfish that had been pushed to the surface by gamefish.  We caught a number of different species, including kingfish, spanish and cero mackerel, and bonita.  The Panga you see is skippered by Bruce’s son, Brandon, and the fish that’s being held up for the camera is the new Texas state record kingfish caught on a fly rod, caught by Bill Leech.  These fish are big, folks!


We also met “Daisy,” a bottlenose dolphin whose tail was tangled in some fishing line that was tossed overboard by a careless angler (a compelling example of the effects of litter).  Capt. Bruce had befriended her, and we were able to feed some of our catch to her — eat your heart out, Sea World!

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