Fishing pro Wade Middleton on the importance of waypoints on the water


Wade Middleton is the host of several outdoor television shows that Garmin sponsors, and he occasionally still competes in top-level fishing tournaments.  Here, he talks about how GPS has changed the way he catches fish.

Wade031111 I still recall the days when you had to remember a spot that was holding fish by looking at the shore lining up rocks, trees, houses and whatever else you could to keep know where to hold your boat to make the right cast. In today’s world it’s all about having a waypoint on where to place the boat to make that perfect cast. In fact today I don’t think I even know sometimes what’s up on the shore as I spend more of my time looking at my GPS to see where to hold my boat. Case in point I’ve probably got 200 waypoints on Lake Amistad alone to help be know where to place my boat and where the key underwater structure is, and GPS is simply the key tool in being able to be where you need to be on every trip.

Speaking of waypoints, they are traded now between anglers like baseball cards from yesteryear.  A common conversation is:
Angler One: “Man I’ll give you this waypoint but you’ve got to promise to not give it anyone else.”
Angler Two: “No worry dude, I’ll not share that spot and I’ll hook you up when you go to Lake I Wanna Tell Nobody.”

Waypoints to key fishing spots are simply the norm now when it comes to fishing and holding your boat right where you need to so you’ll get more bites!  — See you down the road, Wade Middleton

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