Drink up, Don’t Burn Out!


We hope you enjoy the guest blog written by Chief Nutritionist at Nuun, Vishal Patel.

Athletic performance can be impaired when you are dehydrated by as little as 2%. The key to staying hydrated is to consume fluids before, during, and after your workout, and an electrolyte-rich beverage (such as nuun) will help your body hydrate more efficiently. At the same time, too much fluid during your workout can lead to stomach issues and side stitches. Follow these simple steps to calculate how much you should drink while exercising. 

A. Weigh yourself (nude) before your workout (measure in pounds).

Next: go for a 60-minute run, and don’t consume any fluids.

B. Weigh yourself (nude) after your workout. Again, measure in pounds.

Complete the following equation with your values.
A – B = C

Every pound lost while exercising equals 16 fluid oz lost.
C x 16 fl oz = _____ D (fl oz)

Value D equals your hourly sweat rate. While exercising, you want to consume around half that amount in order to maintain proper hydration and optimal performance. Each individual is different, so we recommend experimenting with drinking +/- 4 fl oz of half your sweat rate. 

Remember, your sweat rate can vary based on changes in fitness level, the intensity of your workout, and environmental conditions. You’ll need to listen to your body and adjust accordingly.

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