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Dot_on_pointJess1 A typical day of hunting for a bird dog is a lot like being a cross-country runner… they’re asked to cover vast areas of difficult terrain, all while keeping their senses on high alert for birds.  One night after an especially grueling hunt, we wondered how long our canine hunting buddies traveled and where they traveled in relation to us.

Of course, this blog editor had several GPS units stashed in his pickup truck, so the next morning, he outfitted Dottie the Pointer with a Foretrex 201.  Originally designed to be worn around the wrist, Dottie wore hers around the collar (quite fashionably, we might add).

Hunters_trackDotties_trackAt the end of the hunt, we were able to download Dottie’s track and compare it to our own, and even overlay it on Garmin’s MapSource Topo maps (the first screen shot has our tracklog in yellow, the second screen is Dottie’s track).  Now we know exactly where Dottie was in relation to us — and how far she ran.  On this particular hunt, her trip was 8.8 miles at an average speed of 3 miles per hour, while your blog editor slogged 2.3 miles at a pace of a piddly 0.7 miles an hour.  That means for every human mile, Dot ran 3.8 times that much.

Kind of humbling, isn’t it?

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