Different ways to Cross-Train


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Cross-training can be an effective tool to improve your running. Exercising with a variety of activities helps you achieve your ultimate goals, and a Forerunner watch on your wrist can help you measure your progress. Here are a few options you can try out to keep your body fresh.   

Stair Climbing – It could be the stair stepping machine at the gym or climbing stairs in your office building, but either way it’s another decent option to cross-train. This exercise can help workout the quads and hips to gain some strength in your lower body. Stair climbing also helps you achieve better muscle balance and injury prevention.

Garmin Swimming

Swimming – Swimming is a great way to cross-train. Doing a few laps is easy on your joints and gives your leg muscles a break from the impact of running on hard surfaces. In addition to cross-training, swimming can be a good way to recover from an injury, while still getting a cardio workout. If swimming becomes part of your routine check out the vívoactive and its swimming features.  

Elliptical Trainer – This is another workout at the gym that can be beneficial for long stretches of cardio. It simulates running, but like biking, has less impact on your joints and feet. When you get back to running, this will give you some fresh legs.

Garmin Biking

Biking – Whether it’s outdoor with the Edge 810 or on a stationary bike, your body will appreciate less impact on the joints. Having the bike option could reduce some pressure on your knees too. It can also serve as a substitute for a run or cardio workout. 

What is your favorite cross-training exercise? Let us know on the Garmin Fitness social media channels by using the hashtag #UpForMore.

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