Connect IQ Spotlight: The Moxy App


Moxy App

In our continuing spotlight series on Connect IQ apps, we focus on a cutting-edge physiological sensor that can be synced to a Forerunner 920XT, vívoactive, fēnix 3, or epix watch.

Sometimes you need some extra information to get to the next level of performance. Moxy, a muscle oxygen sensor, was created to monitor the oxygen going to your critical muscles during any workout. Owners of Connect IQ enabled Garmin watches can connect to the Moxy sensor (sold separately) to gain more insight into their own muscle performance. 

Moxy CEO Roger Schmitz explains the three benefits of training with Moxy:


The Moxy monitor can be used during almost any endurance activity, including cycling, running, and swimming. Over the course of your workout, the monitor will display Sm02 (muscle oxygen saturation) and tHb (total hemoglobin) on a Connect IQ enabled Garmin watch.  

But what exactly is Sm02 and tHb? Schmitz explains that SmO2 is the percentage of protein cells that are carrying oxygen in the capillaries and tissue of the muscle. It's an indication of the balance between supply and demand for oxygen in the muscle; if the muscle demands more oxygen than can be delivered, the SmO2 will decrease.

 He gave a similar explanation for tHb, another key metric for this app. 

“It is an indication of the changes in the total amount of hemoglobin,” Schmitz explained. “We use it to infer changes in the volume of blood in the muscle.  If blood outflow is restricted due to muscle tension while blood inflow continues, the muscle will pump up which shows up as an increase in tHb.”

Both of these metrics give new insights into endurance training, while bringing out your peak muscle performance.

“When the two values are used together, they can provide rich training insights on what physiological system is limiting the performance of the athlete and at what intensity the limitation is reached,” Schmitz said.

If you want other information about downloading watch faces, apps, and widgets, check out our latest blog on how to download from the Connect IQ Store here.   



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