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With spring in full bloom, running can be difficult for those who suffer with asthma and other allergies. About 35 million Americans are sensitive to pollen according to National Institutes of Health estimates. With trees and plants blooming, more pollen is causing issues for runners.

Asthma remains a debilitating condition for people who want to be active. The humidity could rise, temperature can fluctuate, and pollen levels may shift. For a runner this can affect how productive they are day-to-day.

We sat down with runner and asthma sufferer Kurt to ask him how allergies affect his running. “For anyone who runs outdoors, weather information is essential. Sure, I can stick my hand out the door before I leave for a run, but that only tells me the conditions right there and then. If I plan a long run, the weather can change a lot during my run.”

Kurt felt using an pollen app on his fenix 3, vivoactive, epix or Forerunner 920XT could be useful before and while he runs. By using AccuWeather’s asthma index algorithm, the app can look at historical asthma occurrence data associated with weather conditions. You can look at the allergen levels along the path you are running using the Garmin GPS system. Giving the AccuWeather app a quick glance can tell you if the pollen levels will be particularly high and if they will change throughout the day or right before you run. 

“Asthma is something that needs to be managed as much as possible, and that means knowing what triggers my asthma and having information about those triggers,” Kurt said.

If you struggle with asthma or other allergies, go to the Connect IQ app store to download the AccuWeather app now. 

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