Chet’s Corner: Even MORE zūmo Q&A


1.  Will the zūmo 550 have a setting to *ask* you to recalculate instead of automatically recalculating?

No, the unit will automatically recalculate the route to the next point.  It will not ask you if you wish to recalculate.

2.  Will the zumo allow multiple via points?

Yes, the zūmo 550 will allow you to enter multiple via points into a route and it will arrange them in the optimal order for you or you can edit the order yourself.

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3.  Can the zūmo 550 be used for geocaching, displaying some sort of bearing display (a compass display would be nice) and the distance in meters/feet to a waypoint?

The unit will ask you if you’d like to navigate by "fastest time" "shortest distance" or "off-road."  If you choose off-road, it will display a compass page with "distance to."  There is also a heading display on the trip computer page. 

4.  And the most important question is: can the zūmo navigate a route I uploaded from Mapsource without recalculating the route (proviced it was created on the same map product as loaded on the zūmo, of course)?

Yes, the zūmo 550 will allow you to create routes in MapSource and then load them onto the device.  It will keep the via points in the exact same order that they were arranged in MapSource.


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