Chet’s Corner: Chet’s Gift to You


Featurechetscorner_1_16SleighMany of you know about the Custom Vehicle Icons that are compatible with our newest automotive navigators.  Well we have a Christmas gift for you.  There’s a new custom vehicle icon made just for the holiday season.  Santa’s jet-powered sleigh.

Santa needs this kind of power under the hood because it’s quite a job to travel the world. You figure he’s got 31 hours of Christmas to work with considering time zones.  With approximately 92 million homes to visit, he’s got to make about 824 visits per second.  This would require that his sleigh move about 650 miles per second.  That’s roughly 3000 times the speed of sound.  Considering that reindeer run about 15 miles per hour, that’s asking a lot.  That’s where his special jet engines come into play.  They are VERY special.


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