Check in, check a nüvi!


Dsc_1587For the weekends (or weeks) where you find yourself living out of a suitcase, Garmin’s on board to make navigating a new city a cinch. Here’s a testimonial from Andrea, a concierge at The La Jolla Shores Hotel, who thinks "loaning a Garmin" is a great addition to your stay. Plus, if you’re not quite sure which nüvi is best for you, we think it’s a great way to try out our devices first hand.

"The La Jolla Shores Hotel Concierge staff is so thankful for Garmin’s GPS units. We have introduced a unique Concierge service which ‘loans’ out the nüvi 260 units to our hotel guests during their stay. Our guests are ‘blown away’ by how much easier traveling can be without having to look at a map or fumbling with written directions! Whether our guests are traveling to a theme park, shopping mall, or restaurant, the GPS units can get them to their destination turn for turn with 100% reliability and confidence. This can only add to an improved, pleasurable experience and memorable stay!"

So plan ahead for your next trip, and make sure there’s a nüvi waiting at your hotel when you arrive. After all, it could save your entire trip. Enjoy your stay!

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