Caddy Confidential: 12,000+ Preloaded Courses – Hello Canada!


ApproachG5menu ApproachG5crop There are few bright spots for diehard golfers as we slog through the long, dark days of winter, but today is as bright and sunny as a summer day in Mississauga.

As part of our most recent course update, we're proud to announce that 800+ Canadian courses are part of the now 12,000 strong course map list for the Approach G5. So feel free to fire up your USB cable and download the new courses here. If you need a refresher on exactly how to add courses to your Approach, my friend and fellow blogger Jake walks you through the steps here.

We're working hard to boost the number of courses the Approach offers, so don't be shy – drop us a line here if you have a course you'd like us to add. 

As always, keep checking back in with your humble caddy down at the shack. We'll be updating you on all things Approach from the New Year festivities until we're hacking away in the summer sun. And from all us caddies working on the Approach, have a great holiday season and a happy New Year!

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