Ben wraps up his Colorado training; Jenna will train in Beijing while cheering on her brother


2008_08_10_usotc_dev_camp_024This was a light training week, and I thought that, because my rides were all on the short side, I wouldn’t get myself so lost as to really need the map function on the 705. I’m glad I kept it handy. Noah wanted me to meet him as he was getting off work, so I typed in “National Renew” and the Garmin figured out the rest. That was the first directional assistance from the Edge 705. Wednesday I borrowed Noah’s car and went to Boulder to visit another friend of mine. Not only did the Edge 705 get me to Boulder, it also took me to my friend’s front door, the nearest pool, and a beautiful park near Boulder Creek where I took an outdoor nap. From Boulder, I was able to get home to Denver easily because I had saved a waypoint outside Noah’s apartment. I honestly don’t know how I used to get around with paper maps – this is so much easier. So rather than recording my heart beat, this week my Edge 705 helped me save time so I could spend it with friends rather than reading maps and getting lost. Spending time in a park with a friend is a lot more fun than asking for directions!

This weekend, I am taking my training on the road and heading to Beijing as a spectator. I am making the trip across the Pacific to support my older brother, Jarrod, who will compete in the triathlon event on Tuesday. Go USA!  I won’t have my bike with me, so I will spend the time there running and swimming in between attending Olympic events.

Well, the London Triathlon was a disaster. I just never came out of my rut and fought the whole day at about 65%. I ended up calling it a day early into the run leg. It was a bit frustrating and not the race I had hoped to have.

After London, I returned to Santa Monica, California, which was “home” to me all of last winter. With so many races back to back, I lost a lot of fitness on my trip. Now, I will start into another training block before my final block of racing. I started back with a longish ride today, which was fantastic. I soaked up the sunshine, the ocean air and even managed to catch a glimpse of a pod of dolphins. It felt really good to be out training again, and no, I never thought I’d say that! I am really excited that I will have a chance to use my Edge 705 out here. I spent a bit of time watching the altimeter today, as I was curious about Topanga, one of the more regular climbs I did this past winter.

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