Ben’s rundown of the Forerunner 110


There have been a couple of modifications I’ve made to my workouts because of the limited page settings. For one, it’s helpful to start an interval on an even minute if you want to know your current lap time. For instance, if I am doing mile repeats on the track, I want to glance at my split each lap without taking a lap split. Since the watch only shows the total workout time, it means that if I start on the 20:13, then it’s going to be hard to remember at the ½ mile marker what 22:45 means. If I just start on the 21:00, it’s a lot easier to do math in such a hypoxic state of mind. This does mean altering your rest time between intervals, but it’s essentially the same as using a pace clock in the pool, which seems to work pretty well for swimmers.

Several times I’ve been asked about average pace. I like that the 110 measures average pace for the current lap. Average pace over a measured distance provides a better indication of how you’re doing compared to current pace. I have my watch set to auto-lap every kilometer, which gives me frequent checks as to my average pace, and within a lap I can see if I’m running faster or slower than the previous lap. If my workout has a goal pace, I can easily alter my pace within that interval and see how it affects my lap pace. With current pace, the frequent changes in display make it hard to settle into the right pace. For me, lap pace is the right choice.

All in all, the 110 covers the basics really well. There are a couple features that I’ll keep my Forerunner 405CX around for, like compatibility with the foot pod, which provides more accurate instantaneous run pace. The new Forerunner 210 will offer this capability as well. On the 405CX, I also like having the ability to program in a fartlek workout using Garmin Training Center and send to my watch. For 95 percent of my training, however, the 110 does the job quite well – and it comes in a sleek shape that’s small enough to be my everyday watch.

So my first run with the Forerunner 110 didn’t require any changes on my part. It did everything I needed it to so that my run was the same as every other run I do – just with a smaller watch.

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