Ask Garmin: Which nüvi is best for me?


040908_aut_01031_2Today’s ask Garmin question comes from Lynette in California who is in the market to purchase a nüvi, but is uncertain about which one is best for her. Here’s what Lynette needs out of her nüvi: "I want to use it in the car for navigation, and would also use the Bluetooth feature for use with my cell phone. I want to also use it in pedestrian mode so I can use it in Europe as I walk around, and I definitely want it to speak the street names." Well Lynette, while there are many devices to choose from, the good news is that because of the number of devices Garmin makes, you can almost customize the device to do what you specifically need/want. First, let’s start with Bluetooth – click here for a list of compatible Garmin devices. Because you also want European mapping, you’ll want to look for a device that ends in a 70, as those come standard with transatlantic mapping. Another option for European mapping of course, is to add an SD card for the region(s) you’ll be visiting. But for these purposes, let’s assume you want that mapping preloaded.

UntitledNow backing up a minute, since all of our nüvi devices can be switched from automotive to pedestrian mode, no worries on a specific device there. In addition, the majority of our nüvis (with very few exceptions) speak street names, but you’ll want to double check on the box/product page for that feature. Therefore, Lynette, the devices that best fit your needs would be: a nüvi 370, 670 or 770. To see what bells and whistles these devices have that differentiate one from another, make sure to use the compare feature to further narrow down your search.

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