A Montana 600 + A Waterproof Metal Detector + The Great Outdoors = One Amazing Story


For months we have been touting the Montana's ruggedness, and its ability to perform in all sorts of situations. Well here is a great story from Garmin customer, Doug and his Montana 600.

To the Folks at Garmin:

324083_2318063485520_1667501321_2264695_1202356877_o(1)A few weekends ago, I took my Garmin Montana 600 into the woods with some friends for some geocaching. At a creek crossing, my aftermarket lanyard broke and I watched my Montana splash into the creek and sink quickly out of sight. Despite being in an area along the Gulf Coast known for its venomous water snakes and angry turtles, we tried to recover the unit. After a good effort and a thorough dunking of one of my caching buddies, we had to give up the search. Fast forward a few hours and I’m at the home of another cacher, looking up the specs to determine just how waterproof the Montana is- IPX7- which is rated for 330789_2318063845529_1667501321_2264698_49167914_oimmersion for 30 minutes in 3 feet of water. There was still a chance, even though it had been under water longer than that. I had to go look for it again, and this time I was going in swim trunks! My friend and I searched for another hour and a half with no luck—The bottom of the creek under the fallen tree varied between depths of 3 to 6 feet and was choked with debris and snarled tree limbs that made the search all but impossible. We were losing daylight so we called off the search and I headed home with a sick feeling in my stomach. 328493_2318064645549_1667501321_2264700_297453002_o

That night, my friend posted the coordinates to my lost Montana’s location on our local private geocaching Facebook page and asked if there was anyone who could help. The next morning, yet another cacher made the mile long hike into the woods with a waterproof metal detector and found the unit in 5-6 feet of water. After retrieving it from the depths, he touched the screen and saw…


After a 24 h326136_2318064325541_1667501321_2264699_148317663_oour soak at depths well over 3 feet, the unit was returned to me in perfect working order!! I may owe a certain geocacher a steak dinner for the find, but I owe y’all my thanks for making a product that easily exceeded my expectations for durability. I will continue to purchase Garmin products and will defend the Montana against any detractors. I am a believer. Thank you again.


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