20-year stories: Airport fire brigade in Austria uses Garmin GPS


20yearLogo Austria fire brigade Austria fire brigade 2 In celebration of Garmin’s 20-year anniversary in 2009, we’re bringing you stories from across the globe of Garmin devices in action. Today’s story comes from Austria where an airport fire brigade relies on Garmin marine chartplotters in their emergency preparedness operations.

At the Airport in Graz, Austria, Garmin devices are used in an unusual, yet extremely important way. The airport fire brigade equipped their commando vehicles and some fire trucks with Garmin marine chartplotters. The reason for using the marine plotters is the size and the good readability of the screen. The entire area of the airport was divided in geographical sectors with dedicated names based on the coordinates. In case of emergency, a message with the exact position of the accident is sent to the vehicle from the tower. Due to this technique, the task force is able to save time — time that can be the difference between life and death.

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