Winning in Kona



Garmin athletes constantly push themselves to be their very best whether on a quick 5k or competing against some of the most talented athletes in their sport. This past weekend was no exception. Athletes from around the world traveled to Kona, Hawaii before October 10th to push their competition to the next level and have a little fun along the way.

Garmin has an important part to play for every athlete. Before the big day, Garmin hosted a fun run and the underpants run for Kona enthusiasts to participate and let loose in.




Then, it was time to get down to business.

Garmin-sponsored athletes traveled to Kona, Hawaii, for the triathlon world championships. With tenacity and a little bit of luck, athletes Michelle Vesterby, Timothy O’Donell and Sebastian Kienle placed in the top 10.

Each placing wasn’t without enormous preparation. Sebastian Kienle, who placed 8th, arrived in Hawaii from Germany five weeks before race day to allow his body time to adjust to the Hawaiian weather and time differences. As he’s run the Kona race multiple times, Sebastian knows what to expect. Plus, he’s built for this.



“[T]his race favors a certain type of athlete. I’m just lucky that I seem to be one of them,” said Kienle. Luck might have given him favor on the course, but Sebastian’s hard work is what made him place.

Michelle Vesterby could not have imagined a better outcome and placed 4th in the women's race. Originally from Denmark, Michelle isn’t new to competing in Kona, but this is the best she has performed in her entire career. Each part of the race impacted Michelle’s performance.

 “While on the bike, I had a really good rhythm. I was feeling in control – I did my own pace and I think it paid off! The run was hard, as it always is, but again, I was feeling great for the most part of the day. It was one of those days where everything is going quite well,” she said.




Everything went beyond “quite well” for Michelle and Timothy O’Donnell, who placed 3rd overall and was the top US man. Timothy has had a passion for the sport of triathlon and fitness for years. He summed up what most athletes were thinking on race day.

“It's an honor to be on the podium in triathlons biggest race, world championship with the most competitive field. it's extremely rewarding when all the hard work dedication and sacrifice pays off on race day,” he said.

Whether athletes place 3rd in the world championship or just ran along for a fun run, every athlete felt the power of sport in Kona this week. 


Want more Kona? Check out our Instagram takeover from the athletes themselves, as well as blogs written by Michelle Vesterby, Igor Amorelli, Ben Hoffman and Timothy O'Donnell

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