Which Forerunner is Carol?


Garmin Forerunner - Carol

The “Which Forerunner are you?” series showcases runners like yourself that you can relate to. Learn more about the runners by following our six part series and you will be able to answer the question of which Forerunner you are. 

Some of us reach a certain age and ask ourselves if it’s even worth it to get back in shape. The answer, “It’s always worth it.” It might be more difficult to get in a groove, but you will thank yourself for starting a new training regimen. 

Carol is 42 years old and just recently started to run. She could have let her negative thoughts get the best of her and never have gone to that specialty store to get outfitted in new shoes, but she didn’t.

Carol is like a lot of people who get into running later in their lives. She found it difficult to start, but eventually she realized that it’s a great way to redefine her life in a way that she can control and she looks forward to her running routine now and the time she gets to herself. 

Let us know if you can relate to Carol because you never let your age hold you back. Also, let us know which Forerunner you think she is based on her story. Stop by next week to meet Alice who is 24 years old and is focused on running her first marathon. 

Make sure you click here to visit our new Forerunner website and let us know on Garmin Fitness which #Forerunner you think Carol is:

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