Volunteer firefighter recounts Rino’s role in successful rescue


Rf-high We spend a lot of time having fun with Garmin products and sharing people's adventures here on the blog. But often a note will come to the Garmin inbox that illustrates how our GPS technology is relied upon daily for much more serious matters. Jay's comments, posted here, remind us all once again to tip our hats to the men and women who bring out the best in our products every day.

I am a volunteer firefighter with the Hedgesville volunteer fire and rescue company in Berkeley County West Virginia. On Saturday, December 19, 2009, at 1600 hours, Company 30 (Hedgesville) Medic 98 (Berkeley County ambulance authority) were dispatched for a subject with back pain in the Sleepy Creek Wildlife Management Area. This area covers 23,000 acres in both Berkeley and Morgan counties in West Virginia. Due to the amount of snow we were getting we ran additional units to assist our ambulance. The dispatch center had a general idea where the patient was located, but it was in a remote area of Sleepy Creek. At this time we had almost 18" of snow on the ground and 2 male subjects cold and injured from an ATV accident. We called in numerous resources to try to gain access to the area. Our dispatch center managed to get a GPS coordinate off of the cell phone that they were calling from. Using that coordinate, my Garmin Rino 530HCx and the Berkeley County sheriff department's Chevy Blazer, we managed to get within 250 yards of the subjects, which were almost 2 miles off the nearest hard surface road at 2200 hours. By this time both patients were very hypothermic on top of the injuries sustained in the ATV accident. Both of these men owe their lives to the modern technology that is available to dispatchers and emergency responders today. Thanks Garmin for making such an awesome piece of technology.

Thanks for sharing this amazing note, Jay. Click here to read the news story and watch video here.

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