Victor’s Vectors: Using the Map on Your GPSMAP 696


Screenshot The most popular feature of most of Garmin’s GPS units is overwhelmingly the Direct To button. However what happens if there is a line of intense thunderstorms in your direct flight path? For a lot of pilots this would mean a scramble to find a safe route around. Well with the GPSMAP 696 there’s no reason to worry. With a few clicks and the use of the joystick you can easily adjust the flight path around these hazards and I’ll tell you how:

1. Push the FPL button

2. Push the USE MAP softkey

3. Push the joystick so that the cursor is highlighting (in blue) the route section you want to adjust

4. Press the Enter (ENT) button and you will see an INS below the cursor

5. Push the joystick to move the flight path with the cursor

6. Push the ENT button again to drop the flight path where you want it

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