Victor’s Vectors: Updating FliteCharts on GPSMAP 696


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The GPSMAP 696 just keeps getting better!  The latest software release, 2.70, for the 696 allows for FliteChart updates WITHOUT having to connect the 696 to a computer. Therefore, there are now two ways to update FliteCharts – through the USB or SD Card – and you can pick whichever is best for you.  You heard right….you can now update the 696 through the SD card slot just like a panel mount G-1000.  This new process will also help those customers that were having problems with FliteChart downloads through the USB.

If you decide to update FliteCharts through the SD card, there are a couple of things you will need to do before taking advantage of this new feature.  First, update your 696 to the free 2.70 software version.  Second, you’ll need a 2 GB SD card.  These are very common and can be found at almost any retailer that sells electronics. Third, you need an SD card programmer.  Many newer computers have SD card programmers integrated into the computer. If your computer doesn’t have a built-in SD card programmer, you can get an external programmer and they are common too. After Clip_image002you have the software, SD card, and programmer, go to for the update.  Download the database as normal, but on the download page click on the option for the “Alternate Download Process”.  This will allow you to download a file to your computer that will update the SD card.  After the update is complete, simply put the SD card into the 696 while it is on and press the update option when prompted.

If you are not familiar with the website or the update process, call our Aviation Technical Support at 1-866-739-5687.

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