Victor’s Vectors: The Final Four and TFRs


New Picture (9) If you are any kind of a sports fan, you already know that March Madness is upon us. I have always had a dream to fly to watch my team in the Final Four, but that thought does bring to mind that the airspace and special use airspace may change from day to day with such a big event on hand. If you are lucky enough to have your team in the tournament and you are going to head to the arena, make sure you bring along your GPSMap 396, 496, 696 or aera 510-560. With the XM weather, you will be able to navigate around the TFR’s that will be in place in most cities that are holding the games. TFRs are routinely issued for occurrences such as sporting events, dignitary visits, military depots and forest fires. TFRs are represented as an area highlighted by red (active) or yellow (not yet active).  The TFR will display on your screen as a yellow circle it is inactive. As you'll see on the screen shot of the aera 560, when it becomes active you will see the circle turn red with red lines through out the circle. It makes getting to the game much easier and with less stress if you do not have to worry about the pop-up TFR’s. 

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