Victor’s Vectors: Tabbing Through


New Picture I’ve received some good feedback for posting information about database updates.  So, this week’s blog is an explanation of the tabs at the top of your account.  The first tab is “Home.”  This is the first page you see when signing in and provides plenty of useful information and links for reference.  The second tab is “Databases.”  This page shows all the databases or subscriptions you have purchased and is a quick, easy way to download a database subscription. There is also a link to a page that shows all the database cycles and the dates the databases will become available.  The next tab is “Portables.” This page shows you all the portable GPS units on your account, and gives you the ability to check the portable to see what databases are installed and what databases are available for your specific product. This is also the page you would add a new portable device to your account.  The last tab is “Aircraft.” The aircraft page lists all of your aircraft and panel mounted devices.  Like the Portables tab, you can easily view the databases that are installed in your airplane.  You can also add a new aircraft or panel mounted device from the Aircraft page.  Hopefully, this brief overview will help you get the most out of your free flyGarmin account.

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