Victor’s Vectors: PIREPs for GPSMAP 396 and 496


Victorsvectors When I was a little younger, April 1 was an interesting day. Around some of my friends it was a day to tread a little lighter, to pay attention to where your food came from, to open doors before walking through them, and to never believe what you were told… 

Luckily for you, I never participated much in this tradition.

Last week there were a couple of software updates that several people have missed out on. The GPSMAP 396 and GPSMAP 496software versions 4.70 and 3.80 respectively, were posted on the Garmin website. Normally software updates, though important, do not merit a blog post; however these updates add compatibility with a couple of new weather products. One of the weather products I’m personally excited to see is PIREPs which is included in the Aviator package from XM. Before this update the GPSMAP 696was the only Garmin portable able to receive and display PIREPs. The software updates are available to download now from Garmin’s website and better yet they are free. No fooling!

One more thing - Garmin’s engineers come out with new software versions for the portables on a regular basis and it is important to keep up to date to keep your portable operating at its peek performance.  Click on this link to download a program called the WebUpdater that will help you keep your portable running smoothly.

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