Victor’s Vectors: Looking for Traffic


During my last flight, I was talking to ATC and was advised
of traffic in my vicinity.  It was a bit
hazy and the sun was low to the horizon, which is not the ideal situation for
looking for other aircraft, but I thought with ATC’s help I should be able to
spot it.  However, I could not locate the
traffic even after several updates from ATC and several attempts to locate it
on my part.  It came within a couple of
miles of my position without me ever getting a positive identification of its
location.   I hate to say it, but this
was not the first time that an aircraft got by me without me seeing it.  It really made me wonder how many aircraft
are out there flying along that I never see, especially when I am not under ATC
flight following!  After the flight, I
remembered that Garmin has announced some new traffic systems that would have
answered that question and would have helped my search immensely.  The GTS series of traffic systems are active
traffic sensors with ADS-B compatibility. 
These innovative systems provide accurate, dynamic traffic
surveillance.  For more information you
can watch the video interview on Avweb or check out the videos and information
on Garmin’s website.  With Garmin’s GTS
series it takes the guess work out of traffic.

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