Victor’s Vectors: GDU 370/375 for the LSA cockpit


Gdu In case you haven’t heard, Garmin recently announced a break through product for experimental and light sport aircraft retrofits.  The GDU 370 and GDU 375 are non-certified panel mounted GPS’s and multi-function displays based off of the GPSMAP 696.  The two Garmin Display Units (GDU) can bring amazing utility to an aircraft for a comparable low cost.  I wish I had the time and space to tell you all about the capabilities of these new products but it would end up being a novel.  To give you a taste, these units give you all the advanced features of the GPSMAP 696, plus additional components can be added to transform the Multi-Function Display into a dedicated Primary Flight Display, or a PFD/ MFD on a single screen!  When PFD capabilities are added, the system will be known as the G3X.  With two or more of these displays, the G3X will even have reversionary capability.  The GDU 370 and GDU 375 have the heritage of the G1000 and G600 mixed with the ease of a GPSMAP 696.  That is a winning combination. 

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