Victor’s Vectors: Garmin aera’s automotive mode


2415Most pilots enjoy the benefits of general aviation on a part time basis, and the aera series makes weekend excursions enjoyable in the plane and in the car. Since the last leg of any trip is normally in a car, the aera’s automotive features make the transition from the plane to a car seamless. The automotive mode of the aera has text to speech voice prompts that speak the street names as you navigate unfamiliar roads, lane assist that guides you to the proper lane for your next turn, speed limit indicators that display the speed limits for most major roads, an FM traffic receiver that helps you avoid traffic jams, and Bluetooth that will lets you receive and make hands-free phone calls.  Also above and beyond most normal automotive GPS devices, the aera’s XM capability lets you to receive XM entertainment and XM weather. When using the area’s automotive mode, you get weather information that is most relevant to your road trip like city forecasts, current temperature, NEXRAD, satellite mosaic, lightning strikes, and severe weather storm tracks.  These features allow you deviate to avoid the weather on road trips. The aera brings state of the art GPS technology from the cockpit to your automobile. 

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