Victor’s Vectors: G1000 Databases


King-Air-200---G1000-Cockpit I get several calls from customers asking about the G1000 and the databases the system is able to utilize.  There are several G1000 databases, and I can see where someone who is new to the G1000 could run into some confusion.  Today, I thought I would help to clear the air on two of the databases which are available through Jeppesen (I’ll cover the Database from Garmin in another blog post).  Jeppesen provides the aviation navigational database and the ChartView electronic charts.  The aviation database contains airports, airspace, airways, and approaches while the ChartView service is the electronic approach, arrival, and departure plates.  The aviation database is required for use of the GPS as primary means of navigation in IMC.  For pricing and regions you can contact Jeppesen at 1-800-621-5377.  Also for a tutorial walk through of the installation of the databases check out this video.

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