Victor’s Vectors: Answers to your geo-referenced 696 questions


2. What do I do if the aircraft is not showing on the chart?

The majority of the charts are geo-referenced however if the approach chart is not geo-referenced then it will be available at the 1011 cycle. (Refer to the answer to question 1 to tell if it is geo-referenced.)  If there is an
New Picture (2) icon at the bottom right of the chart that has a single line through it then the chart is geo-referenced, but the feature is currently disabled.  You can then press the CLR button to enable the geo-referencing.  The CLR button on the Chart page acts like a toggle switch to turn on and off the geo-referencing on the chart so that you can remove the aircraft if it is covering important information you need to view. Pressing the CLR button while the aircraft is on the chart disables the geo-referencing and removes the aircraft from the chart, however pressing the CLR a second time enables geo-referencing and adds the aircraft back to the chart.

3. Do I have to load a flight plan or an approach for the geo-referencing to work?

The simple answer to this question is no.  The aircraft on the chart is displayed in reference to your position and is independent of the flight plan.  If you do not see the aircraft on the chart and you do not have a small icon in the bottom right of the display then you are just not close enough to the approach to appear on the chart.  When your position is close enough the aircraft will appear.

I hope this clears up any confusion, but if you have further questions feel free to contact Garmin’s Aviation Support directly at 1-866-739-5687, M-F, 7-7, CST. Also, don't forget that if you have a portable Garmin GPS then it is always recommended to get the latest version of the operating software which is available to download free from Garmin’s website using the WebUpdater which you can download here.

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