Understanding Vector 2 Pedal Pod LED Lights


In the video above, we showcase the pedal pod LED lights on Vector 2/2S which tell you the status of your system during and after installation. Once the device is installed on the bike, your LED lights will flash one to six times quickly for ten seconds. After the pods are installed, there will be four quick green flashes to signal that the pedals are pairing.

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Once Vector has synced with your Edge device, you will see five flashing lights, which means you need to set the installation angles. The installation angles help Vector 2 learn your balance and weight when pedaling on the bike.  

You need to be ready to be #UpForMore because you must pedal at a speed of 80 RPM and 10 pedal strokes to set the installation angles. After that, one flash per second will indicate that you are ready to hit the road.  

LED Lights

The Vector Forums are a great resource. So make sure you visit them if you have any questions. If you are looking for other LED light codes, check out the quick start manual or visit garmin.com/vectorowner.

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