Two years later, eTrex was waiting to be found


LostGPS It was obvious that the unit had liquid water and vapor inside the plastic case, probably about 2 or 3 CCs. The PC board looked pretty good with the exception of corrosion around what appears to be a small internal battery soldered to the board.

Well, I cleaned it up and dried it out. Put new batteries in and it booted up. It was fully functional except that one direction of the joy stick controller didn’t work. So, took it apart again and used some contact cleaner on the joy stick and it now appears to be completely OK.

Above is a pic of the unit showing it’s trip log of 4.95 miles to the point where it was dropped. Also above are two tracks from 2007; the blue one is from one of the other hiker’s GPS unit and the pink one is from the lost unit up to the drop point.

Thanks, Dan, for sharing your story. And as an Oregon resident, you'll enjoy getting the limited-edition Oregon geocoin that we're going to send your way. Maybe you can create a cache in the spot where you made your own discovery!

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