Transforming With The Garmin Ecosystem


In December of 2014, Ben Martel weighed just over 300 pounds. He felt unhappy and knew he needed to make a change. He set a goal to lose 100 pounds, bought a Forerunner 225 and fell in love with running. “When I first started running, I was so big and out of shape, it really was slow going,” said Martel. “Seeing my pace and watching my heart rate really drives me. The Forerunner 225 really helped guide me on that.” After four months of exercise, Martel ran his first 10k and was completely hooked.

He then set his sights on a half marathon in which he completed in 2 hours. He decided he wanted to try a duathlon and bought an Edge 1000 to help him train. Martel started biking everywhere. “I biked to work, biked on the weekends. The cross training was great,” said Martel. He was down 70 pounds and getting faster and faster. He currently logs over 100 miles of running a month and is training for a full marathon. He credits the pace and heart rate monitoring as the two features that have helped him in his journey.  He says that having good, accurate information there really helps you keep in the zones.

Ben continues to beat yesterday and has begun taking swim lessons and training for a 20-mile trail run. He uses the fénix 3 to track his swim progress and says he is looking forward to purchasing the Index Smart Scale. By working hard and utilizing a variety of Garmin products to help track his progress, Martel hit achieved his goal of weighing less than 200 pounds in less than a year. “I am fully in love with the Garmin ecosystem,” said Ben. “I am happier and healthier thanks to a lot of effort and some really cool tech from Garmin.”

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